It’s like a Dream at Essaouira Beach, Morocco

essaouira stop sign

The winds were nearly constant across the wide beach in Essaouira, and many kitesurfers were out enjoying the whitecaps out on the water. Otherwise, the beach was pretty empty. We shared it with only a few couples and scattered young people, along with a police officer on horseback slowly trotting by. There were some sleepy camels in the distance laying on the sand, reminding us that we were far from home.

essaouira rail

essaouira horse and dog

essaouira water

We spent a couple hours walking the long beach, getting our hair whipped around while collecting seaglass and wading in the blue sea. The sun was warm and bright, but the pale colors of the sand and water gave the landscape a dreamy and unfamiliar look. Everything seemed slightly whitewashed and very old. With the ancient ramparts in the background, and rocky Mogador Island visible offshore it felt like a strange and magical setting to enjoy the pleasures of the beach.

essaouira cafe blue tables

essaouira shells

essaouira beach

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