Miami from above

Which way is up?
I’ve flown into Miami International Airport a few times now, and I always enjoy the view over the city as we approach. The beach looks lovely from above, and from this viewpoint you can see how the water is a perfect shade of blue. So blue that sometimes it can mimic the clouds 2I took this picture two weeks ago as we arrived in Miami, and I really like how the position of the clouds and the matching colours of the sea and sky kinda make things look topsy turvy. If I squint my eyes, I think the the clouds appear to be below the skyline, flipping the perspective a bit and making the beach appear as though its resting on top of the sky. Almost as if you could step off the sandy beach and fall into the wide blue yonder.  I love seeing places from above and and the unique vantage point it can give you . The window seat really is the best seat!miami clouds 3

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