Morne Rouge Beach, Grenada (twice!)

There is certainly no shortage of amazing views in Grenada. The rolling landscape and beautiful coastline means that most of the steep hills will provide a gorgeous vista in one direction or another. One of my favorites was the view of Morne Rouge beach from the top of the hill along Morne Rouge road. From the first moment I spotted it I knew I had to get down there and check out the serene looking bay.

morne rouge from hill

beach sign yello

Luckily getting down the hill was easy, and Morne Rouge Beach (also known as BBC beach) really charmed me. I found it to be much more laid back than Grand Anse beach. Smaller, with less amenities and organized activities. Sometimes that’s exactly what you’re in the mood for.seaweed boat collage

coral on beach

I liked it so much that I visited it twice. The first time I was alone and it was the end of the afternoon, just before sunset. The rays were gleaming over the water, and I spent a peaceful hour wading and collecting sea glass. The sand at Morne Rouge beach is a pale golden colour and the changing light gave it a crazy warm glow that was so luminous I lingered way later then planned.

sunset with boats

sand with footprints

There are only a small amount of hotels on the beach, the biggest being an all-inclusive place called Kilango – which has unfortunately installed a big ugly floating inflatable in front. Ugh. Despite the fact that the hotel is all inclusive, it seemed like not many guests were hanging around – almost all the hotel’s designated beach loungers were empty.


wave at shore

The whole beach was quite serene at that time of day. A few fishing boats were arriving back, and a handful of folks were walking along the water and enjoying the last bit of sun. I loved it, and was determined to return to the pretty crescent shaped beach before I left Grenadabeach bar


My second visit was a few days later with my husband. We arrived at mid day when the sun was blasting and the beach was busier. There were a bit more people around and I even saw a couple of vendors, but it was still not anywhere near crowded. There were a few more boats in the water than the previous time, and I saw some scuba divers getting ready to set off. Definitely more going on, but it was still a pretty chill scene.

morne rouge blues

I was excited to finally have a dip – that calm blue water was calling me. I knew it would be perfect for lazy swimming, and it really was relaxing and a nice change from the big waves at some of the other beaches. The bay is pretty shallow and stays relatively placid because it’s sheltered from rougher waters by Quarantine Point – named by it’s historic use as a quarantined area for people affected by leprosy.

homes on the hill

I’ll admit the snorkeling wasn’t amazing. The water just wasn’t as perfectly clear as Grand Anse but we did manage to spot some sea urchins and starfish. We a spent long time in the water just floating and staring out at the ocean. At times the water was so calm the surface was almost perfectly flat. Still and reflecting the sky.

flat sea blues



There’s a limited amount of bars/restaurants around this beach. After swimming we had a few drinks and some veggie roti at Sur La Mer. I loved their long outside bar! Such an amazing view of the water and a perfect spot to enjoy a rum punch. They offer local Grenadian favorites like stewed lambi (conch) and incorporate delicious local nutmeg – the islands famous export – into some recipes. There’s also a little beach bar next to the entrance called Plywood which is popular with a mix of locals and visitors. Cheap Carib beer and a cool spot to lime.

Morne Rouge beach isn’t really on a main road, but it’s walkable from the Grand Anse area. To get there you head up Morne Rouge Road passed the police station and Mount Cinnamon resort. Of course, pause near the top of the hill to look back and enjoy the view of St Georges before continuing down the hill until the sharp left turn at the bottom. Then you’ll see the stairs to the beach.



Grenada is so much more than just beaches, but you can’t visit a beautiful Caribbean island without some quality beach time and Grenada more than accommodates. Now, almost 8 months later I can vividly recall sitting at that long bar table sipping my punch and gazing out at the sea framed by bending palm trees. Another addition to my growing list of favorite places.

beach and palm tree

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