The view from Bacunayagua Bridge, Matanzas Cuba

vintage photo 1960’s

Bacunayagua bridge stretches across the Yumuri Valley along Via Blanca, the main route between Havana to Matanzas. Opened in 1959, this bridge was designed by Luis Saenz – an engineer from Havana who designed several bridges in Cuba. Bacunayagua is the tallest bridge in Cuba, at over 100 meters high.


The height of the bridge provides a fantastic vantage point for enjoying the lush view over the Cuban landscape, even if it’s just a quick look as you drive passed. I’ve crossed Bacunayagua a few times and have always appreciated the vista in both directions. In some places the side of the vehicle you are sitting can make or break it – like when one side has a killer view while the other side has a cement barricade or junk yard or something – but this is one of those cases where both sides are the good side.




Looking south you get an incredible view of the valley’s jungle. There are endless royal palms (my favorites) and wide mix of plant species creating a million shades of green below. On the north side is the water view, with a glimpse of the Straits of Florida over the densely wooded hills. The Florida Keys are only a couple hundred miles in that direction, but feel decidedly further away. The scene is framed with rocky cliffs and there are often vultures gliding by. Lovely to see even when it’s through the window of a speeding car. Yumuri Valley is deservedly known as one of the most beautiful spots in Cuba, and crossing Bacunayagua is a perfect chance to see it from above.

a post card memento


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