Tiniest ponds in Hunte’s Garden, Barbados

garden-pathI took hundreds of photos at Hunte’s gardens, located in St. Joseph parish in central Barbados. The former sinkhole is now beautifully cultivated into a stunning garden by horticulturist Anthony Hunte, and he has created a truly magical spot and one of the most photogenic places on the island. Towering palm trees and bold flowers are mixed with eclectic knick-knacks and artfully placed statues. Among all the fantastic photo ops, two particular plants caught my eye and turned out to be my favorite pictures of the visit… even though they are quite subtle compared to many of the other show stopping blooms.



The low, sturdy Bromelias – perhaps easy to miss amongst the more “in your face” beauty of the garden – and their mysterious little ponds fascinated me. Their convex shape and leaves that grow arched away from the root create a small pool and a central water tank within the plant. These pools caught in the centre of the Bromelias gave the appearance of a small separate world, a little haven of miniature plants growing into a tiny garden within a garden. Hunte’s Garden is a horticultural dream which deserves its own post and I look forward to sharing many more photos from my visit there, but these two photos inspire my imagination in a different way. Another small beautiful moment in Barbados.


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