Canadiana: Autumn on the Burlington lakeshore


Autumn is not my favorite time of year. I usually spend it dreading the imminent long cold Canadian winter ahead. Despite my seasonal trepidation I can admit that fall is an undeniably beautiful time of year in southern Ontario, so this year I made the short trip to Burlington to spend some time at Spencer Smith Park and see the last of the autumn colours. First stop was RC’s for a french fry energy boost. The kitschy spot filled with local vintage memorabilia, ice cream and diner food. There’s plenty of Patsy Cline on the jukebox, so you can really get into the retro spirit while reading the 1960’s newspaper headlines.



red-leavesA short walk away is the Brant Street Pier, which looks great stretching out over the lake…but at a cost of over 14 million dollars and 8 years to build I’m not surprised it’s still somewhat of a local controversy. Continuing along the waterfront trail things were looking extra pretty in the bright November sun. A perfect setting for climbing over rocks and collecting fallen maple leaves from the sand. Lake Ontario was looking gorgeous as always – deep blue and complimented by the yellows and reds of the of the trees along the shore. Unfortunately the water is rather polluted – part of the sad story of the much abused great lakes of North America. At least the the ducks and gulls didn’t seem to mind




Burlington is a city of over 170,000 people and Spencer Smith park is adjacent to the main downtown area, so its not exactly a remote setting. It’s not a place to find true escape from hydro towers, the sound of cars, or occasional packs of joggers. But it really is a lovely spot, and I’m glad I got out to appreciate one of the last warm days before the loooooong  winter onslaught. Time to start searching discount airfares to hot climates!


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