Boats in the Carenage, Grenada

carenage-boats-1I’m a born and bred maritimer, so of course the Carenage was one of my favorite spots in Grenada. The beautiful horseshoe shaped harbour is always busy with fishing boats and shipping vessels arriving and departing, including the daily ferry to nearby Carriacou Island. Along with the boats, the colourful houses on the hill sides which slope towards the harbour make it a very photogenic spot.


carenageSeveral of the structures lining the Carenage suffered serious damage during hurrican Ivan in 2004, but thankfully most have been restored and now house businesses and cafes. Unlike many harbours that experience frequent boat traffic, the water at the Carenage is incredibly clear – you can even peer over the edge and easily see tropical fish and black sea urchins. A great example of why St. Georges deserves its reputation as one of the prettiest capitals in the Caribbean.



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