Birds of Parque Josone, Varadero Cuba


Varadero is a tourist town, no doubt. There’s no shortage of beach resorts and doubledecker tour buses, but I still found many interesting places along the peninsula that were fairly empty of tourists.  One of my favorites was Josone Park, a quiet green space filled with tropical plants and palm trees spreading over 9 hectares. There are walking paths, paddle boats and a few cafes. And the birds. So many birds! Actually, If you have fear of birds this park may not be the place for you. It seems that in this park you are never more than a few feet away from a feathered creature. This is not an exaggeration.



There were herons and ducks hanging out near the pond, various chickens pecking around in the grass, a peacock here and there. I even heard some macaws in the trees, but wasn’t lucky enough to see them. What a relaxing place to sip a pina colada and have a break from the beach.




Well, relaxing until the rooster next to you starts doing this…


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