Rainy evening in Shibuya Tokyo


I arrived in Tokyo on a rainy evening, but the weather wasn’t going to keep me from exploring. Right away I stepped out into the streets of Shibuya to experience first hand one of the busiest neighborhoods in Tokyo, and navigate my way through the crowded sidewalks.



Shibuya is known for its trendy shops, and many of them are inside the famous Shibuya 109 building- that tall cylinder shopping nexus for all the cool young fashion lovers. I browsed a little, but I didn’t actually do much shopping that evening. It was mostly spent walking around among the bright billboards and people watching from under my umbrella.



And of course I had to stop at the at the statue of Hachiko – ledgendary loyal dog and beloved local icon. There were dozens of people taking photos with the statue despite the pouring rain. It was a wet evening, but nothing a warm sake couldn’t cure. Not a bad first night in Tokyo!



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