Mountains in Black and White

I always talk about how much I love the window seat, and it really is true. Whenever I’m lucky enough to score a seat with a view I’ll be resting my forehead against the glass, looking down, looking out, watching the sky for hours.

bw plane

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve flown, but I’ve never stopped being wonder-stuck at seeing the world from that perspective. Even when flying over an ocean where all you can see for hours is a flat sea. Even when flying at night, where the only thing visible are tiny lights marking cities in the dark far below. It always amazes me.

bw close 2

bw peak

I recently took a couple different flights over France and was in awe at the mountain ranges I could see from my window. Jagged rock, snow caps, and the incredible textures that are so hard to capture in a photo. At separate times I flew over mountains near the France -Swiss border (the Jura?), and also more dramatic mountains in southern part of France (the Alps? or Pyrenees?).

bw coast

bw close

In hindsight, Maybe I should have checked the in-flight map available on screen to identify exactly what I was seeing at the time, but who knows what beautiful peaks I might miss while staring a screen instead of my magic little window to the world?

bw window

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