Let’s have another drink at Café No Sé, Guatemala

cafe no se

It’s dark inside Café No Sé, and hard to read the scribbles that cover the walls. Countless messages, signatures, dirty jokes, and those kind of quotes that seem profound when you’re 4 drinks deep at 1:00 in the morning. It was tempting to walk through the entire bar, examining the walls and straining my eyes to see what notes were left by the countless people who’ve tossed a few back in this bar over the last 14 years. What did they all need to say about their time in this little hole-in-the-wall? What do I want to say about it?

cafe no se wine

cafe no se bar

The bar looks pretty inconspicuous from the street out front. A hand painted sign, a simple door. But once you step off the cobblestone street and into the dim candle light…yes. I liked it immediately. It’s a dive bar – but it’s no dump. Such a cool atmosphere, in way that’s impossible to fake. That perfect combination of ephemera and vintage don’t-try-to-hard style. It’s notorious for it’s mezcal, but also for the assortment of artists, travelers and counter cultural characters who hang out around the bar. It’s different. It’s interesting.

cafe no se lamp

My first time there the friendly bartender poured my wine into a glass tumbler and filled it up to the brim. To the brim. That’s what you call a generous serving. The Highwaymen and 50’s jazz were alternating on the stereo. Boximon was sitting there smoking and the candle wax was dripping. An easy going atmosphere, no rushing, no pressure.

cafe no se wax

cafe no se banner

The Café has live music almost every night, local beer, and killer mezcal shots you can find by ducking through the small green door (trust me). I’m not a heavy boozer, but at No Sé it was definitely easy to drink more than my share. The vibe is here pretty special, and it’s hard not to order another round. I didn’t write anything on the walls, but if I had, it probably would have been “Otro Trago”

cafe no se doorway


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