Mt Fuji at sunset

It’s impossible to pick a favorite moment of my time in Japan, but seeing Mt Fuji at sunset just might be at the top. It was a surprise bonus ending to an great afternoon on Enoshima Island where we explored shrines, shopped for omiyage and enjoyed the view from it’s highest point, near the Sea Candle tower.

It was at the top of Enoshima where we first saw a tiny glimpse of Fuji… hard to see at first, but exciting when I finally saw the outline of the famous mountain. I assumed that would be it for my Fuji experience, because a view of the mountain is notoriously hit or miss. You are never guaranteed to see it at all, so I was pretty pleased to catch it, even faintly.

fuji from enoshima
See it? Not the small dark bump in the front, but the big silhouette behind it!

It wasn’t until we left Enoshima and made our way across the walking bridge back to the main land when I experienced my miracle of sunset timing. A burst of travelers luck. An example of being in the right place at the right time…the exact right time. Fuji boldly appeared suddenly just as the sun dipped behind it. These incredible shades of orange filled the sky making the clouds glow like fire, and the changing purples of Fuji’s silhouette became deeper and deeper. The drama of the moment kept almost everyone on the bridge frozen and staring at Fuji-san. Who could turn away from such a sight?

fuji sunset 5

fuji sunset 4

It was perfect. I could never have planned such flawless timing, or predicted such ideal weather conditions. I love those serendipitous moments in travel…when you unexpectedly cross paths with something you’ll never forget. When you are immersed in a moment you’ll take home with you, and think of often. Right now I can close my eyes and easily be there again, standing on that bridge with the warm light on my face and the seagulls shouting as they swoop by. This will forever be one of those experiences I think of when someone questions why I choose to travel so much. I know a lot of you understand.

fuji sunset 6

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