How it was: Retro Travel Posters


I’ve passed this old travel agency a few times, and I always take a second to admire the retro posters in the window. They’re so nostalgic. Even though they are from a time that’s not really all that long ago, they feel like they are from a totally different era. It’s interesting to imagine how people used to travel with far less advance knowledge of the places they visited. Hotels chosen based on a recommendation from a friend or travel agent, road trip routes planned with old school paper maps ordered through the mail. It was riskier. You needed to have a lot of faith in those guidebooks.

hawaii sunset

hawaii 2

Not like today when we can pour over hundreds of photos of hotels in advance, and easily go online and examine attractions and historic sites from every angle. We can read reviews of a town’s coolest little restaurant, research exactly what is the most popular dish to order, and then scroll through dozens of Instagram shots of that dish. A little mystery lost.

florida keys 2

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be traveling in this time of easy traveling – cheap airfare deals and a bounty of info about every county in the world at my fingertips. I appreciate it, and happily spend hours reading travel blogs and drooling over photos of foreign lands…but I have to give props to the travelers before my time who did things the harder way. Brave souls!

beirut 2

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